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Is ADHD a Superpower?

Is ADHD really a superpower?

The short answer is no, ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It doesn’t turn you into Batman or the Incredible Hulk. That said, has anyone ever questioned if all fictional superheroes actually have ADHD?! Maybe they do… I totally get why it’s portrayed this way....

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Vicki and Richard Nottingham

Richard ‘Middle Aged Crazy’ Nottingham

Richard ‘Middle Aged Crazy’ Nottingham; His battle with ADHD and how mixed martial arts has become his medicine. When you hear the term ADHD, what do you imagine? Probably the stereotypical mischievous boy, running around causing chaos …. well, yes that’s Rich....

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India M

I didn’t realise quite how hyper I was as for me that word is so associated with lively children or nonstop talking. I’ve always walked at light speed though and been told to slow down by friends, colleagues, husband but it’s impossible, yesterday I walked at a...

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‘Careless mistakes’

A term often associated with ADHD and listed in the symptom profile under attention deficits.  Firstly, there is nothing careless about the mistakes a person with ADHD makes. This would imply that we don’t ‘care’ when in fact we care greatly for the things we do....

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The ADHD Nurse Blog Header October 2021

‘High functioning’ adult with ADHD

Dear Doctor I am writing this whilst 35,000 ft up in the sky. Flying away for a few days of escapism and to rest. When I say rest, I don’t mean I’ll rest my mind because that’s literally impossible for me. I was actually trying to read a book (because that’s what...

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Private Adult ADHD Assessment – 47-year-old Male

Comments on the service you have received from Victoria: (For example; Process, approach, communication, professionalism, knowledge base, informative) I have always had mental health issues (depression and social anxiety) and in my late 30s I began to tackle this...

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