Initial Screening Appointment (Step 1):

Fee: £595 (appointment duration: 1 hour approximately)

This is good place to start if you are unsure about your symptoms. QbCheck or Creyos screening tests will help determine how likely it is that you are displaying symptoms of ADHD before you commit to having a full assessment.

QbCheck screening tool: This is an online test which measures the core symptoms of ADHD and provides objective evidence as part of your assessment.

Creyos screening tool: Objective cognitive testing for ADHD using Creyos. More information regarding Creyos can be found here: https://try.creyos.com/hubfs/PDFs/creyos-health-introduction-for-patients.pdf

This includes:

  • QbCheck or Creyos test
  • Full explanation/interpretation of results
  • Discussion regarding your symptoms with one of our clinical specialists nurses
  • Onward referral/signposting to other services if further ADHD assessment is not recommended

Referral form: Semble questionnaires

Diagnostic Assessment (Step 2):

Fee: £695 (appointment duration: 1.5 hours approximately)

This includes:

  • 1.5 hour appointment with one of our specialist clinicians
  • Further assessment for ADHD using the DIVA (Diagnostic interview for ADHD)
  • Life history taking
  • Evaluation of your symptoms
  • Feedback & explanation of the diagnosis
  • Comprehensive diagnostic report

Referral form: Semble questionnaires

Already diagnosed with ADHD & wanting to start medication under our service?

Fee: £695 (appointment duration: 1-1.5 hours approximately)

This appointment type is for those who already have a formal diagnosis and are looking to review their symptoms/treatment or start titration. Please be aware this is offered on a case by case basis and only if The ADHD Nurse is satisfied that your diagnostic report meets the expected standards for assessment.

This includes:

  • Review of previous diagnostic report
  • Review of symptoms and previously prescribed medications
  • Discussion regarding treatment options
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Prescription (this does not include cost of medication-see below)
  • Correspondence to your GP when required and other agencies
  • Contact with your specialist nurse between appointments when required

Referral form: Semble questionnaires

Initial Treatment Plan (Step 3):

Fee: £195

Initiating treatment following a diagnosis is not something we take lightly & our core values are that we offer a personalised approach to every individual.

What does this include:

  • Treatment plans are discussed following a confirmed diagnosis.
  • Comprehensive information to support you in making an informed decision regarding treatment options.
  • Goal setting
  • Prescribing medication (if applicable) *cost of medication is charged by the pharmacy*
  • Physical health checks such as your blood pressure, heart rate & weight
  • Discussion regarding adjustments within education or workplace settings.
  • Exploring coaching/therapy options


Follow Up Appointment:

Fee: £225 (appointment duration: 30 minutes approximately)

This includes:

  • Review of your response to treatment/symptoms
  • Physical health monitoring (BP/HR/Weight) and side effects
  • Prescription (this does not include cost of medication)
  • Correspondence to your GP when required and other agencies
  • Contact with your specialist nurse between appointments when required

If you are starting medication, it is mandatory to attend regular appointments to monitor your medication. This is usually every 3-4 weeks until you are stabilised on any treatment.

This would be a minimum of 2 appointments, but an average person usually requires 3-4 titration appointments.



Prescriptions issued by the ADHD Nurse are sent to our allocated pharmacy who will then dispense and deliver your medication directly to your home address, within 4 days of your prescription being sent.

Any medication prescribed privately is not covered by the NHS and is charged by the pharmacy.

An average private prescription costs between £60-£160 per month (this includes the pharmacy’s delivery fee).

*Please note prescriptions issues outside of follow-up appointments will occur an additional fee of £25


Annual Review:

Fee: £225 (appointment duration: 30 mins)

Annual reviews are mandatory when prescribed medication for ADHD.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Book a free initial consultation

£100 per session when booked individually

£380 for a block of 4 sessions booked in advance

I understand the fees can be daunting and unclear especially if you require follow-up appointments when starting treatment for ADHD.

An average patient journey which includes a diagnostic assessment & a written report, regular follow-up appointments and cost of private prescriptions can cost anything between £1200-£2000.

A comprehensive diagnostic report is produced following all assessments which is included in the assessment fee. This fee also includes correspondence to your GP whilst you are titrating on treatment and a handover requesting shared care once stabilised on treatment.

It can be an uncomfortable subject for some and I completely understand you need to be sure it is financially viable for you. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you require some clarity around the associated fees prior to making any commitments.

By using the services provided by The ADHD Nurse, you agree to the charging policies, consultation charges, and terms and conditions of business.

Payment Terms

All payments are processed through Stripe.

Assessments and follow up appointments must be paid in advance of the appointment date.

Fees are to be paid upfront for assessments, at the time of booking. Your appointment is not confirmed prior to receipt of this.

Follow-up appointment fees are to be paid 48 hours prior to the appointment date. If payment is not received within this timeframe, your appointment will be automatically cancelled.

*Please be aware I cannot guarantee availability following a cancellation so please make every effort to attend your booked appointment*

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 14 days of the appointment date, will be 50% refunded.

Cancellations outside of the 14 day period will be 100% refunded.

I understand that life events can sometimes arise and you may no longer be able to attend your allocated appointment time. Please contact The ADHD Nurse at the earliest time possible and your appointment can be rearranged to a more suitable day/time. This is possible providing I have sufficient notice.