Meet The ADHD Nurse

The ADHD Nurse was founded in 2021 by Clinical Nurse Specialist, Vicki George. The service provides accurate diagnosis of ADHD in adults and teenagers aged 16+. The ADHD Nurse has 10 years experience working within mental health services. The past 3 years specialising in diagnosing and treating people with ADHD in both NHS and private practice.

We understand the frustrations felt by people waiting for a diagnosis, the long waiting lists and where they seek private assessments are often met with short session times and a feeling of being ‘rushed out of the door’.

Our aim is to ensure a maximum wait time of 3 weeks for an assessment and that those individuals are given a comfortable 3-hour appointment for their ADHD assessment.

To support you throughout the process of being assessed and receiving a diagnosis, The ADHD Nurse provides comprehensive follow up appointments and will also complete a diagnostic report for referral back to the NHS. The assessment process adheres to NICE guidelines, which matches the standard expected by the NHS.

After receiving a diagnosis for ADHD, The ADHD Nurse will arrange follow-up video or telephone calls of around 30-40 minutes, every 3 weeks until you have stabilised on the medication. The follow ups are entirely personalised to ensure you are given the amount of support you need.

If you require additional support for other conditions such as anxiety, depression or even bipolar disorder, as a mental health nurse with 10 years’ experience, Vicki can help support you with understanding your symptoms and next steps. Including being able to sign post you to the relevant services where additional support is needed.

The ADHD Nurse has a mission to change the stereotype of ADHD and to raise awareness about many of the truths of ADHD, debunking common misconceptions people may have. As part of our services, we can also provide letters for employers or educational settings to request reasonable adjustments in your workplace.

Vicki’s Story

At school Vicki often found herself daydreaming during class and would be described as having her head in the clouds by teachers. As Vicki grew older, she found she was becoming increasingly overwhelmed and regularly switched between hyper focusing and loosing concentration on tasks.

As an adult and with her experience in mental health disorders while working for the NHS, Vicki realised she showed many symptoms of ADHD and decided to take the step forwards to receiving a diagnosis.

Vicki explains how she had many doubts over her symptoms of ADHD and regularly questioned her experiences, often dismissing them as not serious enough to get assessed. However, once Vicki began explaining her symptoms it was clear that an assessment was the right decision, and she was diagnosed with ADHD.

She describes the diagnosis as a huge feeling of relief, like a weight had lifted and she was finally able to receive treatment and overcome the challenges she has had for so many years.

Vicki’s personal experiences help her fully understand the difficulties had by the people who walk through her door at The ADHD Nurse and gives her a more unique perspective when it comes to supporting those with ADHD.

I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

I am also a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)