{I just wish to say thank you for your total professionalism in the way you have dealt with me as a client. Would recommend you to anyone that I felt needed help with ADHD symptoms. As someone who has worked in a public service setting for the last twenty years, think I am qualified enough to say you are a credit to your profession and if everybody did their job to your standard, the world would be a better place.{
{I could honestly describe the service I received as perfect. After spending most of my life (I am 25) misdiagnosed and incorrectly medicated, I began looking for a private diagnosis to finally get things moving. What drew me to Vicki initially was her website which is clearly focused on advocating for adult women suffering with ADHD. This was like a breath of fresh air for me as it seems most of the conversation and clinical practice of ADHD is focused on childhood and male sufferers. Symptoms present differently within women and their care needs are similarly unique and Vicki directs her work with this in mind. Following my call back request, Vicki responded almost immediately and booked me in for an assessment. The assessment itself was highly organised and detailed while maintaining a friendly and validating vibe. Vicki also wrote me a prescription on the day and from here my life began to change dramatically for the better. Vicki's communication following the assessment has been exemplary and she is very happy to answer questions via email and provide extra information/advice. I am extremely grateful for all Vicki has done to make the process smooth and non-stressful. She is an extremely genuine person who will go above and beyond to help her patients. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a diagnosis for ADHD.{
Freya T
{When I first got in contact with Vicki, never did I ever think that I would have ADHD, not knowing really anything about it. I have learnt so much from her, even things right from when I was little have finally made sense to me. There is so much more than just the 'naughty school child' that everyone associates ADHD with. I would 100% recommend Vicki to anybody, I know going private is expensive but it was worth every penny to actually speak to somebody who knows the ins and outs, who can explain to the smallest detail, who generally knows what they are on about and to finally have some answers that actually make sense! I still have a long way to go but I couldn't have done it without Vicki, she has really changed my life.{
Jade T