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{Vicki’s created a space so comfortable and calming it deserves a review all on its own, it’s bright and contemporary and feels amazing. The lady herself met me with a warm smile which instantly made me feel at ease considering I was pretty nervous, I had my heart set on this appointment to help me with my struggles and had put all my eggs in one basket! Now around forty minutes into our session and a few chapters into my life story Vicki speaks up and with the UP-MOST professionalism and with such care and due attention advises me that she believes I have a deeper issue that needs to be addressed before going any further with her and because of that advises we end the session…… as you can imagine I got myself quite upset but Vicki was there to catch me and support me! NEVER have I had the pleasure of meeting SUCH an AMAZING nurse, to put my needs before her own and her own business, to then continue to support me in my journey and help refer me to another specialist AND despite it not being her place to offered me a partial refund to help me afford the new treatment elsewhere….. Vicki is an angel in disguise and anyone lucky enough to meet her will understand her importance in their own journey/recovery!{
Samuel E
{Vicki has allowed me to be comfortable to try medication when previous times on it have not been good. She’s also been very helpful in finding the right dosage for myself and she’s been patient with me when I’ve accidentally forgotten my meetings with her.{
Matthew H
{I just wish to say thank you for your total professionalism in the way you have dealt with me as a client. Would recommend you to anyone that I felt needed help with ADHD symptoms. As someone who has worked in a public service setting for the last twenty years, think I am qualified enough to say you are a credit to your profession and if everybody did their job to your standard, the world would be a better place.{
{I found Vicki through some Facebook recommendations as I was in a never ending queue for a NHS referral. I’m so glad I scraped together the funds to go privately with her. After spending my entire life loathing myself for being lazy, disorganized and unmotivated, to be diagnosed with ADHD was a huge moment. I have gone through titration with Vicki and I know now what it feels like to be able to focus on tasks, not to procrastinate, get stuff done and have a relatively tidy house! I literally cannot thanks Vicki enough, she is a super caring and lovely lady, and I would absolutely recommend her and her services.{
Rachel T
{Simply 5 stars!{
Ned M
{You remember that Tina Turner song, You’re Simply The Best? Well, the lyrics ‘You're simply the best, Better than all the rest’ certainly refer to Vicki George and the ADHD Nurse team. From enquiry through to completing titration and arranging shared care, the team have been fantastic - timely responses, really informative, great advice, and truly supportive. What more can anyone ask for?{
{Having an adult diagnosis of ADHD can be a complicated process, as there is a whole lifetime to explore and the assessment process needs to be quite detailed as a result. I had suspected for some time that I had ADHD and wanted an official diagnosis to give me peace of mind. I was recommended to Vicky and was pleased that I did. The assesment process with Vicky was detailed, comprehensive and entirely stress free. Vicky spent over 3 hours with me, carrying out various evidence based tests to confirm the diagnosis of ADHD and has since given me a full report and we are in the process of agreeing on a bespoke treatment plan based on shared care with my local GP. I cannot fault Vicky at all; she is calm, professional and thorough. You can be assured that you will be given a detailed and thorough assessment with no stone left unturned. Thank you Vicky!{
T. V-S.
{I couldn’t recommend Vicki enough. I had been advised by 2 therapists to get an ADHD assessment. The waiting lists for the NHS were so long and my life was being very affected by a misdiagnosis. I chose Vicki after researching lots of private practices and I was happy to see she followed the NICE guildelines so my care could be transferred to the NHS. The whole process was very thorough. There was pre-assessment paperwork that went into all aspects of my history and symptoms. I was asked to provide school reports and my family and friends were asked to fill out forms too. Vicki advised the assessment be done face to face so it was the most accurate. It was around 2 and a half hours and very in depth. We decided on trying medication and Vicki offered techniques to help me manage too. The medication was reviewed regularly over video call and I had to provide blood pressure etc. I settled into the right dose and maintained consistency. Once Vicki was happy I was stable, she wasted no time in offering to transfer my care to the NHS. This process took around a week and I now get my medication on prescription. I was so happy with the whole process and felt really listened to, supported and assured that my well-being was at the forefront of Vicki’s intentions. I particularly liked the fact that Vicki transferred me to the NHS as soon as it was safe too. She could have easily kept me on for longer and gain financially but didn’t which I really respect. Thank you so much Vicki, you have changed my life. I would recommend anyone to the ADHD Nurse.{
{Vicki and the team were truly excellent; professional, expedient and kind. Without a word of exaggeration, they changed my life.{
James B
{I genuinely can't thank you enough and have tried to come up with the words many times over the last few weeks to send to you, expressing my gratitude, but they never seem enough - but I'll give it a go now! ... I cannot stress this highly enough: you have completely changed my life which has of course had a ripple effect on my husband, children and extended family.  What you provide is so important and I know you will only continue to help many, many people and have a similar effect on their lives also. Through my previous career path, I have had the privilege of supporting and navigating things with countless parents when their children have received a diagnosis of ADHD over the last 11 years, but nothing could have prepared me for what it was like on the other side of things. You made the process so safe and full of empathy during my own assessment, that I have thought many times since then, if I did things only half as well as you when I was in my professional role, then that's something to be proud of.{
{My son had a 3 hour adhd assessment recently. Vicki is very thorough, approachable, non judgemental and very experienced in this field. After listening to her video on her website we knew she was the specialist we wanted to go to. We had a two month wait for the assessment. My son was diagnosed and two weeks later we returned to talk about medication options. The whole process went very smoothly and my sons life has now changed for the better. We would not hesitate to recommend The ADHD Nurse to anyone.{
Louise L
{We found the practitioner to be very relatable, down to earth and adaptable, to provide the best outcome for the client, rather than to deliver a 'one size fits all' report that most avenues give. Really knowledgeable and genuinely caring.{
Claire H
{Cannot recommend Vicki enough and so thankful to finally have my diagnosis that has changed my whole outlook on my life and completed me. Throughout the whole process Vicki made me feel at ease, when I had my official assessment she really took her time with me and really listened to everything I said and didn’t rush me which made me feel really relaxed. Also want to mention everyone who works for Vicki who has had contact with me have all been brilliant, my emails were always responded to in a very timely manner and everyone was always really helpful.{
Jo S
{Vicki is approachable, understanding and knowledgeable in her field. All round great experience with her! Highly reccomend.{
Cole S
{When I first got in contact with Vicki, never did I ever think that I would have ADHD, not knowing really anything about it. I have learnt so much from her, even things right from when I was little have finally made sense to me. There is so much more than just the 'naughty school child' that everyone associates ADHD with. I would 100% recommend Vicki to anybody, I know going private is expensive but it was worth every penny to actually speak to somebody who knows the ins and outs, who can explain to the smallest detail, who generally knows what they are on about and to finally have some answers that actually make sense! I still have a long way to go but I couldn't have done it without Vicki, she has really changed my life.{
Jade T
{Vicki is very kind and understanding. She made me feel very comfortable in my assessment. Vicki has really helped me understand myself more and her report is very detailed. I would definitely recommend Vicki to anyone who is deciding to go for a private ADHD assessment.{
{I've been diagnosed with ADHD via the ADHD nurse. My friend recommended this company due to her own excellent care provided by them. Due to the success of the company, Vicky wasn't available for an assessment any time soon. I saw they had hired a lady called Sara Painter. From the recommendation I had and the others reviews, I was confident that if the business had hired Sara then she was going to be great for the job too. My assessment was about 2 hours long, only because I struggle to focus after that amount of time. I mentioned this to Sara and could see that it was ended for my own benefit, not Sara's. By this I mean there was a clear no-rush vibe. There was so much time to talk and investigate my thoughts and feelings. With the recent BBC documentary about ADHD diagnosis, I wanted to leave a positive review, so anyone looking can be reassured that there are genuine caring and compassionate assessors out there and Vicky and her team are some of them.{
{Vicki is kind, calm and understanding. She provides a non judgemental and a safe environment ,so you will feel comfortable and be able to open up (I'm generally a closed book). My appointment was booked within a reasonable time. Although it is quite pricey, you get what you pay for, a new and better quality of life. I would highly recommend Vicki. My life has never been better.  Thanks Vic.{
Eion OF
{I highly recommend the ADHD Nurse who has helped me as well as other members of my family to diagnose and treat our ADHD in a compassionate and caring way.{
Reid D
{I genuinely can not thank you enough and have tried to come up with the words many times over the last few weeks to send to you expressing my gratitude but they never seem enough… but I’ll give it a go now! I can not stress this highly enough; you have completely changed my life which has of course had a ripple effect on my husband, children and extended family. What you provide is so important and I know you will only continue to help many, many other people and have a similar affect on their lives also. Through my previously career path, I have had the Privilege of supporting and navigating things with countless parents when their children have received a diagnosis of ADHD over the last 11 years, but nothing could have prepared me for what it was like on the other side of things. You made the process so safe and full of empathy during my own assessment, that I have thought many times since then, if I did things only half as well as you when I was in my professional role then that’s something to be proud of. {
{I could honestly describe the service I received as perfect. After spending most of my life (I am 25) misdiagnosed and incorrectly medicated, I began looking for a private diagnosis to finally get things moving. What drew me to Vicki initially was her website which is clearly focused on advocating for adult women suffering with ADHD. This was like a breath of fresh air for me as it seems most of the conversation and clinical practice of ADHD is focused on childhood and male sufferers. Symptoms present differently within women and their care needs are similarly unique and Vicki directs her work with this in mind. Following my call back request, Vicki responded almost immediately and booked me in for an assessment. The assessment itself was highly organised and detailed while maintaining a friendly and validating vibe. Vicki also wrote me a prescription on the day and from here my life began to change dramatically for the better. Vicki's communication following the assessment has been exemplary and she is very happy to answer questions via email and provide extra information/advice. I am extremely grateful for all Vicki has done to make the process smooth and non-stressful. She is an extremely genuine person who will go above and beyond to help her patients. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a diagnosis for ADHD.{
Freya T
{Vicki is very knowledgeable and personable. I feel understood and a genuine care for my problems. The service her and the team provide is well organised, reliable and efficient.{
Geordie M
{I really can’t thank Vicki enough!! I’ve had years of being misdiagnosed and had been waiting for an appointment with an adhd specialist through the nhs for about 3 years and it kept getting pushed back. I decided to save up and go private to see Vicki and it was the best decision ever! Vicki was so understanding and easy to talk to, she knew so much about how adhd can sometimes appear differently in girls (which a lot of drs still don’t get!). I was prescribed meds (Elvanse) on my first appointment, which was fantastic as I assumed I would have to wait a while for meds. Over the following weeks I tried out different dosages and we worked out what was right for me - I could email Vicki with any queries I had the whole time. Going private is an investment and I was very lucky to be able to - if you’re thinking about it defo choose Vicki!{
Emilia S
{Vicki has been so kind and understanding throughout the whole assessment and diagnosis process. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to seek a private diagnosis to reach out to Vicki and her team.{
Kate A
{I found Vicki knowledgeable and reassuring throughout my diagnosis. I'm so glad I found her! It was good to finally speak to someone who understood the condition and was able to give a perspective on its impacts I hadn't considered. I fully recommend 😄{
Neal P