What to expect at your appointment?

Assessments take place at Unit 3&4, Overton Farm, Maisemore, Gloucestershire, GL2 8HR but can also be carried out online via video call if you are not local to Gloucestershire.

The ADHD Nurse does recommend completing an online pre-assessment before booking an appointment as this will help us to gain an understanding into your ADHD symptoms prior to your visit.

We guarantee a no-rush assessment where we allow up to 3 hours of time where you will be asked a series of questions for The ADHD Nurse to be able to confirm an ADHD diagnosis.

When attending your assessment, we always recommend that you bring a family member or a friend for support, as we also find that they may be able to help answer questions from an external perspective. For those aged under 18 this is a necessity.


Not sure which type of appointment to book?

Initial screening appointment (Step 1) :

Who is this appointment suitable for?

  • For anyone considering they might have ADHD & seeking an assessment
  • For anyone unsure whether an ADHD assessment is needed but wants to explore their symptoms with an experienced mental health professional.

What does the appointment include?

  • Face to face or virtual appointment (approximately 1 hour)
  • Objective cognitive testing for ADHD using Creyos. More information regarding Creyos can be found here:
  • Information gathering from an informant (i.e. a parent, family member, spouse, or friend)
  • Mental health assessment to rule out differential diagnosis.
  • If ADHD is looking likely, you will be booked in to complete further assessment (Step 2)
  • If your symptoms appear to be better explained by other conditions, we will explore this further with you & will support you with onward referrals/signposting to the right services to meet your needs.

Diagnostic assessment (Step 2):

Who is this appointment suitable for?

  • For anyone who we have seen for a screening appointment (step 1) and recommended further assessment for ADHD.
  • For anyone who has been previously diagnosed with ADHD through the NHS or another private clinic but wishing to start treatment under our service.

What does the appointment include?

  • 1.5 hour appointment with one of our specialist clinicians
  • Further assessment for ADHD using the DIVA (Diagnostic interview for ADHD)
  • Life history taking
  • Evaluation of your symptoms
  • Feedback & explanation of the diagnosis
  • Comprehensive diagnostic report

Already diagnosed with ADHD & wanting to start medication?

Who is this appointment for?

  • Anyone who has already been diagnosed with ADHD under another service wanting to start medication.
  • Anyone already prescribed medication for ADHD & looking for an alternative service to take over their care.

You would be required to book in for a Step 1 appointment.

We need to ensure we feel confident in the accuracy of a diagnosis prior to considering initiating treatment.

We would request that you send us any previous diagnostic report / documentation evidencing your diagnosis. If you are unable to provide us with this, then you will need to be reassessed.

Initiating treatment following a diagnosis is not something we take lightly and one our core values is that we offer a personalised approach to every individual.

I have ADHD, now what?

Although for most people receiving a formal ADHD diagnosis can come as a relief, it can still feel very overwhelming. The ADHD Nurse will make sure to support you through the diagnosis to help you fully understand what it means and the options that are available to you.

Once you have received a formal ADHD diagnosis the next steps will be to discuss the option of treatments including medication, coaching and post diagnostic support.

There are follow up appointments available following your diagnosis which can take place via video or telephone call. These will typically last between 30-40 minutes every 3 weeks, depending on the support you need. Follow-up appointments are essential if you are starting any medication and will continue until you are stabilised on your new medication.

To enable you to access your medication on the NHS, The ADHD Nurse will write up a diagnostic report that will adhere to NICE guidelines, which matches the standard expected by the NHS. This will help support your application to be accepted back into NHS care.


Other Services

In some cases, people who attend an assessment may need support from other services if it is possible, they have other conditions or concerns about their mental health. The ADHD Nurse can sign post you towards the right services or privately refer you if you choose.

There will always be options for support following an assessment.