What to expect at your appointment?

Assessments take place at my office Unit 5, Overton Farm, Maisemore, Gloucestershire, GL28HR but can also be carried out online via video call if you are not local to Gloucestershire.

The ADHD Nurse does recommend completing an online pre-assessment before booking an appointment as this will help us to gain an understanding into your ADHD symptoms prior to your visit.

We guarantee a no-rush assessment where we allow up to 3 hours of time where you will be asked a series of questions for The ADHD Nurse to be able to confirm an ADHD diagnosis.

When attending your assessment, we always recommend that you bring a family member or a friend for support, as we also find that they may be able to help answer questions from an external perspective. For those aged under 18 this is a necessity.


Not sure which type of appointment to book?

QbCheck/screening appointment:

The QB check is a computerised test that measures the core symptoms of ADHD. It uses the camera to measure hyperactivity, impulsivity, reaction time.

This is often a good starting point before committing to a full diagnostic assessment. A QbCheck will provide detailed information regarding your symptoms and give a likelihood of ADHD being present. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss your symptoms with one of our specialist clinicians. You can then decide whether having a full diagnostic assessment is the right path for you following this appointment.

Diagnostic assessment & QbCheck:

This is a full diagnostic assessment including a QbCheck. Following the assessment, you will receive a formal diagnosis or explanation of your symptoms and sign posting options if it is concluded that you do not have ADHD.

Medication review:

This appointment is for someone who already has a formal diagnosis of ADHD and is looking for support with medication. Such as starting treatment or changing medication. A full diagnostic report is required, and appointments are offered on a case by case basis.

I have ADHD, now what?

Although for most people receiving a formal ADHD diagnosis can come as a relief, it can still feel very overwhelming. The ADHD Nurse will make sure to support you through the diagnosis to help you fully understand what it means and the options that are available to you.

Once you have received a formal ADHD diagnosis the next steps will be to discuss the option of treatments including medication, coaching and post diagnostic support.

There are follow up appointments available following your diagnosis which can take place via video or telephone call. These will typically last between 30-40 minutes every 3 weeks, depending on the support you need. Follow-up appointments are essential if you are starting any medication and will continue until you are stabilised on your new medication.

To enable you to access your medication on the NHS, The ADHD Nurse will write up a diagnostic report that will adhere to NICE guidelines, which matches the standard expected by the NHS. This will help support your application to be accepted back into NHS care.


Other Services

In some cases, people who attend an assessment may need support from other services if it is possible, they have other conditions or concerns about their mental health. The ADHD Nurse can sign post you towards the right services or privately refer you if you choose.

There will always be options for support following an assessment.